Erin you rock my world!! As a busy mum of 4 I knew it was near impossible for me to get my house decluttered and ready for sale so I got Erin's help.. and couldn't be happier!!! Erin worked with me to declutter and organise my cupboards and rooms. She gave very useful tips along the way without judgement!! My cupboards now feel bigger, more organised and only hold items I need! Not only is Erin a declutter queen but she changed spaces around to improve functionality and make them feel/look larger. Erin turned a bedroom into a second living area using mostly pieces of my own furniture and several small items I purchased with Erin's recommendations. Erin then styled my whole house ready for sale! Each room is functional, clutter free, organised and styled according to my taste. I HIGHLY recommend Erin if you want to improve your house before sale, without spending a fortune on rental furniture! She is an awesome chick who is efficient, professional and incredibly effective! Thank you Erin for your amazing work

Bianca Egan, Newport, Victoria

Erin, you're a true superstar. Whilst I was pulling my hair out, you calmly walked into my disaster zones (office/laundry) and you magically organised my life. YES, that's what you do! 
You did such an awesome job that I called you back to do the same thing in my kitchen pantry. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I now LOVE working from home again, and I love my new pantry arrangement. You came up with some very nifty CHEAP ideas that have completely transformed the way my pantry looks. 
The best part about this was that you were easy to deal with and nothing that I challenged you with was ever too hard. You're a true professional and I wish you and your business all the best. 

Marie Mondo, Coburg, Victoria

Erin I think your “eye” and style, functionality, understanding and appreciation of how a “real family” lives, absolutely shits all over wanker interior designers. It’s all about being personable, listening and no judging and this is exactly who you are.

Lucy Fenwick, Eden Park, Victoria

My pantry was unorganised chaos until Erin opened it one day. A few days after her initial consultation, Erin came to my house with an endless supply of containers of all shapes and sizes to begin the huge task. The result was nothing short of fabulous and surprisingly it still looks the same today! Thanks again Erin, your amazing eye for detail is exactly what I needed.

Brooke Emmett, Newport, Victoria

My lounge room use to be dark and drab. I hated the room and never felt relaxed while in it. 
So my husband enlisted the help of Erin to turn this over crowded, dark uninviting room into a relaxed, airy, welcoming place to be. 
It is now my most favourite room in the house. 
This was all done as a surprise from my husband for our 10 year anniversary. 
To understand my tastes and to be able to create a room I love while only talking to my husband shows me that Erin listens to what her clients want and understands what they need. 
Thank you Erin

Melinda Stroud, Bendigo, Victoria

I am actually a sceptic about enlisting professional help to declutter. I mean who knows your space more than you do right? But i have never been able to successfully de-clutter until I found Erin. Erin is very friendly and listens with care about what works for us. I was amazed at how prompt and efficient she is. She viewed my kitchen just once and drew a plan very accurately about what should go where. On the day, she was whizzing around everywhere and even finished earlier than expected. I love my kitchen now!!!! You have no idea how de-cluttering can change your life and Erin is just the person to do it!! I would whole heartedly recommend Erin to anyone.

Jawetha Nadaraja, Maribyrnong, Victoria

We hired Erin to give order to the kids toy cupboard. She really impressed me with her ability to quickly determine a structure and strategy to best position all the toys. Unbelievably the cupboards now hold more toys but it looks less cluttered. She labelled tubs and had the girls draw pictures on the front of each tub. I'm pleased to report that packing away now isn't the chore it used to be. I'm booking Erin in to attack my pantry next!

Jane Gaudion, Brighton, Victoria